By Lyle Charles Whenever dealing with employees or people in general in a construction project, it’s always good to be careful with words as the working environment is very stressful and loud at the same time, different people can take one statement as one thing and another person can take […]

Written by Ted Dhanik The costs of digital advertising are going up, which can be intimidating for the newbie advertiser. Display advertising takes focus and precision, honing in on the exact audience you want your messaging to reach. Reducing the costs of those campaigns doesn’t have to come at the […]

Whether you are looking at planning a luncheon for a professional group or a cocktail mixer with prospective clients, hosting a special event is a perfect way to attract attention for your small business. When done right, it’s a marketing tool that can get your business’ name front and center […]

This article was written by Ted Dhanik. Display advertising is becoming more viable as a marketing strategy for companies looking to beef up their returns. The biggest advantage display ads bring to your site is the ability to generate targeted traffic quickly. Through careful application of some of these tips, […]

Los Angeles is a great place to plan a wedding. Obviously, you won’t lack for beautiful weather. But you also have countless options when it comes to venues, wedding planners, DJs and, of course, caterers. If you want the best catering in Los Angeles though, you’ll need to know what […]

If you’ve started your gelato business, you’re probably still riding the high of having things up and running. Well, congratulations are in order and you deserve to bask a bit in your own success. However, that’s no recipe for profitability. Consider the below tips instead. Buy cheap, off-brand gelato cups […]

If you’re thinking about launching a sweepstakes parlor or simply adding sweepstakes games to your internet café, you might be concerned about your target audience. What type of consumer plays internet sweepstakes games? Are they young or older? Do they have a lot of money to spend? How long do […]

From burgers to breakfast, almost anything and everything come fast in this day and age of instant gratification. Be aware of this trend and you stand to make a fortune on quick servings, short orders, and nothing but the best fast food. However, you must first have the ware to […]