American Express Co. is purchasing Revolution Money for nearly $300 million to keep up with trends in electronic payments, where new security features and internet credit card processing transaction options are changing traditional models, reports the Associated Press. According to the article, merchant services provider Revolution Money offers payments authorized […]

In recent years, we have all been reminded of the power of hurricanes and other natural disasters that can happen along America’s coastline, especially along the Gulf Coast and the Eastern Seaboard regions. In fact, the risks are so great that in many states it is impossible to get a […]

When getting a home insurance online quote, you might notice quite a discrepancy between the rates being quoted by different providers. That’s because certain companies place different levels of emphasis on different factors. Here are a few to keep in mind as you search for insurance rates: Claims history: In […]

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and the Florida Office of Federal Regulation have ordered Landmark Bank of Florida to strengthen its loan practices and increase their loan capital in the next 60 days, according to a report in the Tampa Bay Business Journal. The bank has until January 5, […]

Managing staff costs during a recession is mandatory for the survival of the company. In addition any staff costs saved will immediately be transferred to your profits. This will look good for the company when your profits are padded somewhat. That being said, managing your staff costs during a recession […]

The economic downturn or recession is upon us. You must improve your profits or keep them stable. Cutting salaries is the sure way to get your bottom line in shape, but in doing so you must be careful not to harm the quality of the business. By going through the […]