Written by eTargetMedia.A Checklist for a Quality Direct Mailing Campaign

The success of a direct mailing campaign is often determined by the attention paid to small details. Executing a direct mailing campaign is complex and has many moving parts, so it’s important that you have a game plan ahead of time before you move forward. Here is a brief checklist of some of the most important elements you need to have in place before you send out your direct mailings:

A high quality mailing list. Sending a great mailer to the wrong people is a sure way to see disappointed ROI results. Make sure that you are doing a targeted mailing that will reach the right people. You can assure yourself of this by using a list from eTargetMedia, which presents clients with innumerable ways to segment their lists.

A plan to integrate your direct mailing into your larger marketing efforts. A direct mailing campaign isn’t the final step in your marketing to new customers – it should just be the beginning. Consider how you can integrate social media, emails or special events into your mailings to give you ways to follow up with potential clients.

A schedule for when to send out your mailings. Sending out too many direct mail items can hamper their effectiveness. If customers feel like they are being bombarded with pieces from your company in their mailbox, they will start to consider you to be junk mail and your pieces will go straight into the trash. Consider when the most important times are for you to reach new customers and plan your direct mailing campaigns around these events.

eTargetMedia provides the highest quality postal and email lists to clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Their lists are frequently updated and segmented for easy targeting of potential customers.


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