We blog a lot about bad credit repair and the measures consumers take to regain control of their credit but sometimes it’s the little things that count.

When you go to pay your deductible or any hospital costs after baby, think again before reaching for your credit card. A large bill will drastically increase the balance on your credit card, which could lower your credit score because it impacts your “credit utilization,” (a piece of the puzzle that makes up your FICO number.)

Instead, experts agree that you should consider paying with cash, check or if you choose to use a credit card, pay off your card prior to the next reporting cycle. Keep in mind that you’ll want to do some research because billing cycles range in length. Once you get your statement in the mail it’s too late- the balance will probably affect your credit score. Alternatively, you could pay off your credit card the same day you pay the hospital bill. These measures will keep your credit intact, which is important especially for those of you focusing on credit repair. Furthermore, using a “rewards” credit card will double your pleasure, so to speak, because you’ll get a rebate or air miles back. This example illustrates how fixing credit or even maintaining good credit can boil down to what seems like a small decision, and it’s wise to consider all expenditures and how they will impact your credit.

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