The economic downturn or recession is upon us. You must improve your profits or keep them stable. Cutting salaries is the sure way to get your bottom line in shape, but in doing so you must be careful not to harm the quality of the business. By going through the numerous agencies that supply engineers from India, through a visa waiver, your quality will not suffer. The Indian worker speaks English, is industrious and has great expertise in the technological field. India is a source of a great percentage of software programs.

Study the agencies that will supply your business with Indian engineers. Then go ahead and use them to recruit engineers to come over here and work for you. The salaries they will expect are far lower than you would have to supply American workers, with less complaints. The Indian engineers will be most appreciative that they have received an opportunity to live and work in the United States.

To Google and very many Silicon Valley companies, the Indian engineers recruited to work for them make up a high percentage of their workforce. Actually half the engineers in Silicon Valley were born overseas. Even the founders of several Silicon Valley companies were born outside the United States. Jerry Yang, the founder of Yahoo was born in Taiwan. And Google’s co-founder was born in Russia. His name is Sergey Brin.

A shortage of well-trained American engineers exists. It is imperative that your company look abroad to the vast pool of engineers and recruit some to come over to the United States. Without this recruitment American ingenuity will suffer and we will be in danger of losing our competitive edge in engineering. Just to hire Americans at the expense of innovation is a mistake. Doing this will inevitably lower our living standards in the future, by having our productivity suffer.

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