Lead generation is all about quality. A lead is no good if it doesn’t lead to a sale. While there is a certain element of chance involved in the equation, lead generation also has a science to it. Part of that science is knowing how to produce leads. Display advertising is one of the more popular methods, but it’s not the only channel. You can also use advertising as your starting point, then use other means to upsell users from there. Here are examples of the fastest growing channels, and how to use them.

Banner Advertising

Using banners to advertise your deals on websites has been a practice since the dawn of Web portals like Yahoo and MSN. These ads are synonymous with blogs and news websites, and they provide an important source of revenue for those publishers. These blogs sell their space on a targeted basis, meaning you can send traffic to a specific demographic or income level. A buy-side platform lets you choose what to bid on in a self-serve fashion, so you set your own targeting and record your own results. It’s overwhelming for newbies, but those in-the-know will find the options refreshing.


Along with basic advertising comes a form of marketing that finds users who have already seen your ads. Dubbed “retargeting,” this technique records some user behavior and shows ads based on what users do. For instance, you may retarget people who see your home page or your banner. This keeps advertising costs low within your target set, and it lets you get a second chance at reaching potential customers. Though retargeting has seen increased use since its inception, it’s still not a main stream trend and many advertisers are taking advantage of that fact.


Email marketing isn’t necessarily something you pay for, nor is it something you can do immediately. Typically, you use display or text ads to bring in new leads, then you use email to sell to them again. Email is very cost-effective and that frees you up to run multiple campaigns. It can be one of the most valuable tools you have as you scale your business, but it’s crucial that you continue to generate new leads through other means.

Final Thoughts

Paid advertising is one of your greatest allies, especially as you get off the ground. It’s worth exploring opportunities in content marketing, but it’s crucial that you continue driving traffic to your website through multiple sources.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is the CEO and co-founder of the buy-side platform engage:BDR. Ted Dhanik began his career with Web properties like MySpace.com and LowerMyBills.com. Ted Dhanik gives free advice on digital marketing through multiple blogs and content channels.

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