Ripoff Report complaints linked to your business always spell trouble. But they are not the end-game. Remember that with the right strategy in place, you can buttress your business’ image from impending harm — even within the snarkfest that is the modern Internet.

There are many tools available to mitigate the harm that a Ripoff Report complaint can set off. For one thing, you have the option of talking directly with the company that’s hosting the complaint and ask that it be removed. Likewise, you can also contact whoever posted the complaint and offer reasons for a reconsideration. Offering a refund, even, can put to rights early on a matter that can have grave consequences for a long time to come.

At your disposal are tools like Google Alerts, which lets you monitor your keywords. Even more helpful, try creating social profiles about yourself and participate in industry events. Over time, these matters will receive higher prominence in Internet searches conducted in relation to your business, thus improving your online reputation.

We have been providing Reputation Management services since the year 2000. One of our earliest reputation management campaigns involved Ripoff Report Negative Review Removal. Ripoff Report is a leading review website, and if you get listed there, it is not very easy to move it down in Internet search results, but our services can help. We also specialize in Yelp Negative Review Repair. If you need something beyond the recommendations above, contact us to hear about other alternatives.

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