Is Mobile Internet the Answer to Rural America’s Internet Infrastructure Problems?

Anyone with an eye on rural America’s Internet options is aware of the infrastructural issues that plague rural areas. From industry experts to the government, many are acknowledging the difficulties of installing high-speed broadband Internet for rural areas. Rural America largely lacks the infrastructure to support high-speed broadband Internet options such as fiber optic Internet. For this reason, many rural residents have resorted to using outdated Internet options such as dial-up and DSL.

However, there are also rural Internet service providers who have conceived resourceful ways to provide high-speed, high-performance rural Internet access. Mobile or unlimited 4G rural Internet providers like UbiFi are examples of companies that use what is available to give rural residents the opportunity to enjoy web surfing, entertainment streaming, and constant communication with the rest of the nation. UbiFi and its mobile Internet cohorts use the cell towers that are abundant throughout rural America to provide high-speed Internet access with low latency. Since fiber optic Internet is largely unavailable in rural areas, this makes mobile Internet a contender for the title of best Internet for rural gaming.

In order to experience the full benefits of mobile Internet, you have to be in a specific company’s coverage area. If you are interested in signing up for UbiFi or any other mobile Internet company, be sure to check their coverage area to see if your home will have access to the best possible service. While mobile Internet may not be a one-size-fits-all answer to rural America’s infrastructure problems, it still provides a high-speed solution comparable to some of the best traditional Internet service providers. Be sure to check if any mobile Internet service providers are in your area today.


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