If you’re thinking about launching a sweepstakes parlor or simply adding sweepstakes games to your internet café, you might be concerned about your target audience. What type of consumer plays internet sweepstakes games? Are they young or older? Do they have a lot of money to spend? How long do they want to spend time playing sweepstakes games? Here’s a look at the typical target audience for sweepstakes parlors.

The Target Audience

The typical target audience for a sweepstakes parlor is a senior citizen. Senior citizens want to spend time and money at social venues that offer fun games such as sweepstakes games. At any given sweepstakes parlor, an older customer can purchase time from sweepstakes terminals (such as the ones provided by SweepsCoach) and then use the time to play fun and enticing games on the computer.

Time and Money

Most senior citizens are looking for something affordable and fun to do. They are retired, which means they are on fixed incomes. But it doesn’t mean that they haven’t set aside money for entertainment. Sweepstakes games provided by SweepsCoach are considered entertainment. Senior citizens have not only the money to spend on sweepstakes games, but they also have the time. It’s not uncommon for them to spend hours at your store, doing everything from playing games to eating food and socializing with other their same age.

Everyone Can Play

Although the target audience might be senior citizens, it doesn’t mean a younger crowd doesn’t enjoy playing sweepstakes games. Everyone is allowed to play sweepstakes games, and people of all ages enjoy playing the game.

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