Everyone knows about the Poconos family resorts and the fun things that people are able to do there with their family. They know all about the fun things that families and couples are able to do at the Poconos. However, it’s important to remember that the Poconos has a lot to offer to companies as well.

Why would a company want to make use of Pocono meeting facilities? Well, there are several reasons.

The first reason is that they may want to do some kind of training for employees that they can use the meeting rooms for.


The second reason is that they want to hold a seminar for employees which talks about the company and where it is going.


The third reason is that they want to reward their employees for all the hard work that they have done through the years and this is the way that they are rewarding them.


The meeting facilities can also be used as retreats for church groups for adults or even teens. They are used to help churches with giving their church leaders and the participants in the retreat a place to hold meetings and to study.


If you are searching one of the resorts that have the type of meeting rooms and other things that you might want to have the next time you go to the Poconos, Sky Top can oblige.   To find out more about this resort, you can visit them on the Internet at www.skytop.com.  You will find everything that you need to know there.

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