If you’ve started your gelato business, you’re probably still riding the high of having things up and running. Well, congratulations are in order and you deserve to bask a bit in your own success. However, that’s no recipe for profitability. Consider the below tips instead.

Buy cheap, off-brand gelato cups and spoons to save on overhead. Keep in mind you don’t want to lose quality. The last thing you want to hear about is a spoon that ruins the delicious taste of your gelato. But you don’t have to spend a ton of money on the best possible spoons either. Calculate how many you use every day and you’ll begin seeing how much you can save by simply using affordable plastic yogurt spoons that still get the job done.

Do the same for the cups people eat out of as well. While it’s important that the cups they use don’t get the product on their hands, body or clothing, you don’t need to waste a ton of money on cups either. In the beginning it can be tempting to pay extra for cups with your logo on them. For now, settle for a generic cup that gets the job done.

The one place you don’t want to skimp is on the gelato itself. Many people may be tasting gelato for the first time in your store and offering lackluster product could guarantee they never return.


Article submitted by Gelato Products.  The company sells almost everything you need to get your gelato business up and running including paper coffee cups.

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