Summary: Leaving a review online can be both a blessing and a curse.

The Internet is littered with reviews. Whether they’re intended for restaurants, boutiques or other establishments, you’ll likely find at least a couple of reviews if you search hard enough.

The Positives

Now, everyone knows the importance of writing reviews. If you’ve had a less than stellar experience at a restaurant where your order took over an hour to make and came at a lukewarm temperature, chances are you’re not going to take to kindly to it. Why not let other people know so they have a rough idea of what they should expect going in. On a more serious note, if you’ve experienced a store that has rude customer service where the employees blatantly ignore you and offer little to no help, you’ll want to inform potential customers.

Today’s community revolves around informing one another. And, by leaving the appropriate reviews, you can essentially help people make the right decision when it comes to dining out or shopping at a certain store. Now, these are what’s considered the positive aspect of leaving reviews. There are negatives to leaving some comments as well.

The Negatives

For instance, if a store has a disgruntled employee that cares nothing about the store’s motto and goal, he or she might do something without regret and singlehandedly destroy everything the company’s worked for. Now, if the manager decided to take action and turn the store around, it wouldn’t be fair to go off a review that was over a year old, especially after things have turned around. Some reviews have a tendency to completely turn off a potential customer and deter them away from the establishment without even thinking twice. Businesses could close because of a single bad review that was left by a consumer that just wasn’t having a good day. Yes, the last example sounded somewhat dramatic but you get a feel of how impactful these reviews can be on a business.

The Bottom Line

Online reviews aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, by leaving an unbiased and honest review that’s well thought-out, you could be helping your fellow consumer make the right decision when it comes to doing business with a specific company. Remember to be as detailed as you can with your review. Sure, three stars and a “poor service” comment might be all you can muster after experiencing some bad customer service, but it’s important to write out what flaws the business had so you can help them improve as a whole as well as point out these details for the world to see.

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