You don’t need visually enticing advertisements to direct a consumer to your product.

Every business owner looks to increase their exposure in one way or another. When you delve deep into the core of business strategies, you’ll notice that one of the most effective strategic moves is simplifying the entire decision making process for the consumer. Take the powerhouse tech company Apple. How is it that they reach their audience? What marketing strategies do they deem effective?

Simple is Better

Modern marketing pushes the concept of simplicity. As a matter of fact, Apple takes it a step further.

For example, if you stop and analyze one of Apple’s many billboards that they have up, you’ll notice that they emphasize simplicity. One that you might remember is when they were advertising their tablets. The backdrop is completely white and the tablet is enlarged with a hand peeking in, holding it up in place.

There are no exotic colors splattered around it, no gorgeous model taking away the spotlight, just the tablet with the Apple logo and the name on the upper corner.

As a consumer, what do you see first? Well, quite frankly, there are literally only two things that you can look at on the billboard. This simple approach to marketing created an image for Apple moving forward.

Steve Doctrow, of Rogers & Cowan, has worked with Apple in creating high profile marketing campaigns. He believes that simplifying marketing campaigns can aid a business in the long run. Apple being the example, it just shows that you don’t need outrageous detail to advertise your product successfully.

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