How to Attract Abundance into your Life

Article by Zhang Xinyue.

Many individuals believe that in order to attract abundance into your life, you must develop an abundance consciousness. But what does this mean? Often, when someone grows up in a poor environment where there is lack and poverty, it sticks with them throughout their lives. If you or an acquaintance have experienced this then you understand what it means and how it feels.

 Growing up in poverty affects the way you view life. It may be difficult to shed this consciousness but it’s very important if you are to attract abundance. Though it may not be part of your life at the moment, you can perform a few daily exercises that will help transform the way you think.

 Start with daily confessions. You can make up your own that are personal and meaningful to you. Below are a few to give you some ideas:

  • ·         There is abundance in my life.
  • ·         I have an abundance of friendships.
  • ·         There are abundant opportunities for me.
  • ·         I have an abundance of food, money and fun.
  • ·         I have an abundance of energy.
  • ·         I am creative and have many amazing ideas.

The idea is to transform the way you think about yourself and life. Creating an “Abundance Consciousness” will take some time and work. It won’t happen overnight. You must also couple this ideology with hard work. Discover new business opportunities. Search for ways to make a positive difference in the world.

As you change the way you view yourself, you can create better openings for success. You’ll begin to attract abundance in every aspect of your life.

Create Abundance 创造丰盛 is a book written by Zhang Xinyue. With her years of being a famous spiritualist leader and teacher, Zhang Xinyue is known for a variety of achievements. She is very well-known worldwide as a body-mind-spirit tutor, a spiritual therapist, and the founder of Abundance Psychology. In 2012 she wrote her best-selling book Create Abundance. The book is a collection of quotes containing words of wisdom on how to develop body-mind-spirit cultivation. The book is written in simple-to-understand language, which interacts with the very soul of the reader.


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