Accepting applicants on face value and on the information provided on their resume can be a recipe for disaster. With the jobs being scarce, many applicants will exaggerate or lie on their applications to get a job. Therefore, background checks should become part and parcel of any hiring process. A good quality background check will ensure that a few hire are safe, honest and well worth the company’s investment.

Verify employment qualifications – When a position is advertised, most companies will receive a large number of resumes and will find it difficult to select applicants that suit the position. A background check that includes a criminal background check will help the company gather information that is beyond what is available on paper and in the interview.

Protecting the organization – It is the responsibility of the organization to ensure that their employees and customers are safe. Certain kinds of information will have a large impact on if a position is offered to one person or the other. For example, if a person has applied to work at a hospital and they have previous issues with substance abuse, they will not be able to handle having access to drugs and medications.

Legal issues with background checks – It is important to look into the information that is necessary for job-related purposes. An unnecessary large amount of information that is not related to the job will not only waste the company’s time and money, it can also cause legal issues if the person is not hired due to information not related to the job.

Written by Tenant Screening Services, LLC. A reputed screening service firm that offers background criminal check services ideal for employers and landlords.

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