Everyone has a few horror stories when it comes to monitoring a build, but hopefully the majority of them are winners. Still, with so many moving parts, there’s always something you probably could have done better.

While this attitude shouldn’t drive you to regret every move you make managing a build, it’s important you take advantage of current options for seeing more from your results. One example is using certified payroll software, for example. Managing a build isn’t like managing a store. You have a number of people dedicated to the end result and they all get paid varying amounts. Plus, when you’re working on a build, you have things like union fees to calculate. Unless you’re using construction software that helps take this into consideration, mistakes can happen and they can be costly.

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That’s not all though. No one should have to manage a build without some serious help. Here, too, is where technology saves the day. Leverage the right software and you’ll always have that all-important bird’s eye view of what’s going on at all times. Nothing will slip through the cracks or get left up to chance—two things that simply can’t happen when you’re in charge of a build.

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