One moment you’re peacefully and at full leisure going out to the mailbox to check if your favorite magazine has arrived. The very next you’re walking back to your living room wondering why your ten-year-old has just received his third credit card offer in a month. If you’ve noticed marked changes in the mail that’s lately being addressed to your child, take action. Order a free credit score and report for your child immediately. Children do not receive credit card offers for no reason at all. Such mailings are strong indicators that your child might possibly already be a victim of identity theft. If his identity hasn’t been compromised, he might be at risk for identity theft. Monitor his credit and ask him if he’s been divulging personal information online. Ask your child if, while online, he’s typed in anywhere his vitals like Social Security number, full name, or birthday.

Regardless of what he answers, it’s probably time to sign up your child for an identity theft protection service. If an account in your child’s name is opened, or if an attempt is made to open one, the protection service will inform you. You can shield your child’s financial solidity by keeping track of his credit score.

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