A new market has bloomed in the field of advertising over the past fifteen years. It has taken a huge bite out of the traditional means of promotion. Print ads, and the like, have been slowly on the decline for some time now when compared with this new medium. And it is a powerful promotional tool that can change from moment to moment and be adapted towards an individual in merely an instant. This is the new world of online advertising or, as it’s more commonly known, display advertising.

Imagine a sports fan visiting a favorite website, say, one devoted to football. At the top of the website, he might find a banner promoting a ticketing agency for sporting events. This is an aspect of display advertising. At one point during his visit, a pop-up ad appears, sharing information about the largest online sports memorabilia retailer. This too is another example. Or maybe another banner appears, with a countdown clock, talking about a two hour sale currently happening at the same retailer. Yet one more aspect.

Display advertising tends to be more dynamic than the other modes of online advertising. Blanket emails and text messages don’t fall into the same realm. The very name itself denotes the display like quality that this type of advertising possesses. It is very graphic oriented, utilizing many aspects of media such as streaming video, evolving pictures, and other means of attracting a potential customer’s attention. In addition, the advertising experience can be tailored towards to the individual viewing the ads to create an even more dynamic experience for the individual.

The sports advertising, in the aforementioned football website, is a perfect example of how display advertising can meet the interest of an individual. Those seeking information about classic writers might find banner ads promoting a publisher or book store. Or maybe an individual wishes to research tropical vacation sites. The display advertising may bring about deals for airfare or luxury hotels in some of these tropical locales. Through the use of contextual systems, the online advertising experience can sometimes even enhance and cater to the tastes of the online viewing public. And by using these tools, a company can bring a staggering amount of traffic to their websites and increase business.

The world has changed in terms of information, communication, and entertainment. If a business can evolve with the times in terms of advertising and the online medium, it can be assured that this tool will have a hand in their continued success.

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