If your reputation has been harmed by untrue posts that defame you or your business, you may feel like your options are limited. Here, ReputationStars.com discusses some of the industry’s best reputation repair tricks you can use to make things right.

Social Media

The basis of good reputation management involves a strong social media presence. Make sure you maintain your accounts on the main websites, like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and that you own profile pages on niche networks like Pinterest.

Request Removal

You should always request removal of your content, especially if you have won a legal case trying to get it taken down. Just be aware that the success rate for this kind of removal is very low.


If any of the content being discussed on the site is content you own, you can have it taken down from the website or from Google with a DMCA. Digital Millenium Copyright Act protects your information, and the intellectual property you own.

Find Out Removal Guidelines

If you’re dealing with a site like Yelp, read the terms of service carefully. You may find some posts that violate those terms, and can petition to have them removed.

Court Ordered Removals

If you sue John Doe, you can get a default judgment because no one will appear to defend the charges. Then, you can take that judgment to Google and have your content removed.

Consult a Reputation Management Firm

Reputation repair is always a good option if you are unsuccessful using other means. They can also guarantee long-term protection against further harm.

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