Why eCommerce websites need dedicated servers to survive

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If you are an eCommerce retailer, a fast, optimal, user-friendly website is the lifeblood of your company. Your customers must be able to shop without any frustrating problems or interruptions, and your website should be up as much as possible to avoid losing any potential purchases.

Because of this, you have the duty of choosing a web hosting provider that can provide you with reliable, consistent service so you can accomplish all your business goals. In this case, the cheapest and most popular option, shared hosting, would not be the best one. Sharing space with other websites means you’ll be running out of bandwidth when you need it the most and you won’t get as much uptime as you’d like. Furthermore, sharing space with other users may expose you to security risks, which is unacceptable for an eCommerce site that handles dozens of customers’ private information.

Any successful eCommerce website needs to handle a large number of assets and traffic. Most shared hosting providers won’t be able to keep up with the challenges of eCommerce, so there is a need for a better solution. Dedicated servers may cost more, but they have robust security, extensive amounts of data you won’t have to share, and backup measures to prevent downtime.

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