Article by Peter Black from Fix Bad Reputation. Anonymous reviews in Virginia have come under fire, this time from the supreme court. Entries made to the popular review website Yelp are part of continued litigation aimed at unmasking anonymous reviewers. Yelp explicitly bans users from making fake reviews, but that […]

Commit yourself to your staff and be the most effective leader that you can be. A team-oriented environment can contribute to a business’s success. People have long preached about how working as a team can help accomplish overall objectives, but few understand how to develop an effective team. Being a […]

Home emergencies can strike at any time. They often occur during the worst time and can literally cost you thousands to repair. From faulty pipes to sewage backup, no house is safe from the inevitable. However, you can stay prepared by utilizing these tips. Emergency Kit If a natural disaster […]

Capitalism, in its purest form, is a philosophical ideology that embraces the idea that all people are sinners. Capitalism is a system that enables humans to utilize a sin few of us can escape, our own self-interest, and harness that driving force for the good of everyone. In a purely […]

Summary: The experts agree that being diligent and planning way ahead of your trip can prove to save you a solid amount of money.  Everyone knows the difficulties, and nuances, of planning a trip overseas. You have to deal with booking flights, choosing the right time and date, plan which […]

A dedicated server is a remote server for the exclusive use of one person or company. Unlike shared hosting, there are no other users on the same physical hardware. Do not confuse dedicated servers with virtual private servers, which virtual machines for the use of a single person. The biggest […]

Accepting applicants on face value and on the information provided on their resume can be a recipe for disaster. With the jobs being scarce, many applicants will exaggerate or lie on their applications to get a job. Therefore, background checks should become part and parcel of any hiring process. A […]