Among a host of financial planners that conduct senior life settlements, bringing their clients cash settlements that can bring them delight, all this would not have been possible with Supreme Court ruling of regarding the insurance policy as ‘transferable property’. As the industry depends on the life insurance industry that […]

It is wise to know how to increase the value of your property once you have been approved for a home mortgage, and have been paying off your monthly installments without fail. Whether you have taken a fixed or adjustable rate type of loan, one can either save or lose […]

If your business wants to accept credit card payment, then picking a good and reliable company that can do merchant account processing is of paramount importance. The following are a few criteria that you need to look at when choosing such a credit card payment processing service. Evaluate the average […]

In this day and age, with creditors more conservative than ever, bad credit repair common and creditors changing interest rates and lowering balances seemingly without notice, applying for credit may seem daunting. These days, some may even eschew credit for cash exclusively, but know that it is vitally important to […]

This guest post provided by Sensa. Co-signing on a loan is a very serious financial commitment that should be heavily considered. Co-signing on a loan means that the original borrower (probably your friend or relative,) was turned down by the lender, therefore the co-signer is responsible for guaranteeing the loan. […]

Financial advisors who were concerned about the upcoming federally-mandated changes to the cost basis reporting system received some good news last month, as Investment News reports that the Depository Trust and Clearing Co. (DTCC) has announced changes to its Cost-Basis Reporting Service that should remove much of the burden from […]

A common complaint among cable customers is that they can never reach a live person on the phone. From dealing with long hold times to dropped calls, many customers get frustrated and give up because it seems impossible to reach a live person on the other end of the line. […]

We blog a lot about bad credit repair and the measures consumers take to regain control of their credit but sometimes it’s the little things that count. When you go to pay your deductible or any hospital costs after baby, think again before reaching for your credit card. A large […]