Commit yourself to your staff and be the most effective leader that you can be.

A team-oriented environment can contribute to a business’s success. People have long preached about how working as a team can help accomplish overall objectives, but few understand how to develop an effective team.

Being a “team player” involves more than a type of culture in a workplace, it’s about understanding the vision or mission of your organization. Being a part of a team, in the broadest sense, makes one an integral piece of the puzzle.


Executives and management staff members are constantly exploring new techniques to improve business results and profitability. Richard Davis, of Rogers & Cowan, considers himself the “Chief Listener” of the company. Over the years, he’s developed the patience to understand the individual’s needs, the teams’ needs, the clients’ needs, and most importantly, the company’s needs. This has translated into much success as he has developed the tools to recruit the right people for the job as well as successfully retaining them.


If your team improvement techniques aren’t living up your expectations, ask yourself questions so you can pinpoint and adjust specific areas that are lacking.

Have you clearly defined what you expect of your team? What pieces worked, and what didn’t? Are you supporting them enough? Are the team’s efforts being recognized by the executive staff, and if not, what can you do to change that?

It’s also a matter of commitment coming by ways of your staff as well. Do they believe in your team mission? How committed are they when it comes to actually accomplishing the mission?

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