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Relocating is never an easy choice to make. Even if you’re leaving a town with a poor economy and a bad school system, you’re still moving somewhere you’re unfamiliar with. It’s a big decision that will have a huge effect on you and your family. You can’t be too careful about where you choose to move.

the steel groupSIR5That being said, Chesterfield county real estate is hotter than ever right now for good reason. We’re not just talking about Richmond either, which is located nearby. Over 316,000 people love calling this part of the United States home for good reason.

Obviously, it helps that the economy here is doing well. You have companies like UPS and DuPont with major operations here that employ thousands. Honeywell, General Dynamics, Capital One and Amazon are just a handful more.

The school system here is amazing too and well above grade when compared to others all around the country. If you have children, looking at Chesterfield homes comes with the benefit of knowing that your kids will receive a quality education growing up here.

Lastly, you have to love the pristine natural beauty this part of Virginia has to offer. If you love getting outdoors, there’s really not a bad place to do it in Chesterfield.


If you’re looking to relocate to Richmond or are interested in Chesterfield county homes in general, you’re making a good decision. All you need to do now is contact The Steele Group SIR to get going on the process.

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