Are you searching for an effective marketing campaign? Although on hold and in store marketing campaigns have been around for a while, many business owners fail to realize the potential of turning silence into an effective marketing tool.

Seven out of ten business callers are placed on hold; unfortunately, 70 percent of those callers will hang up if they do not hear anything like a song or a message. Furthermore, 34 percent of those callers will never call back, resulting in the loss of potential sales. If you’re racking your brain to find a new and effective marketing campaign, consider enhancing your marketing efforts with a customized on-hold or in-store message.

When outsourcing in store or on hold marketing services, you will want to ensure that your customers receive an informative, entertaining and attentive message. Find a company that not only offers on hold equipment, but also an entire production team of professionals who can produce your message or song. When it comes to overhead messaging, you will need the right programming for your business. Such companies offer scriptwriting services, recording services and voice talent. Your new message is then uploaded directly from the company’s central servers to your PBX and/or PA system. The right message can encourage a customer to purchase your products!

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