Written by Lyle Charles

Construction claims managementas well as any conflict that may arise from your construction projects do not have to turn into a full-blown court case that involves thousands of dollars and countless work hours going to waste all because of judicial proceedings. Let’s face it, you don’t want to go to court and neither does your client. In situations like these, the best solution is prevention. Why find a cure when you don’t have to get sick in the first place, right? In construction disputes, it usually ends up in dispute and mediation wherein both parties are able to air out their grievances and ask for the remedies that they seek. In disputes, dispute and mediation services are necessary, but having to go to court is not. You can end your problems in mediation and you can move on. You can do this by recognizing your options. Who is the real party at fault? Do you have any liability to your client? You need to recognize things for what they are. If your chances of winning are slim to none, then settle. Nobody wants to do business with a construction firm that turns on their own clients. And you do not want your construction firm to have a reputation like that either. Your lawyer knows what to do, and listen carefully as well to what he has to say as he has the best opinion in the room on whether you have a valid cause of action or not.


Lyle Charles Consultinghas everything that a construction company needs out of consultation. They also have construction claims analysis so you can have a proper course of action.

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