Changing a Tire Made Easy

Article by Delta Driving School

In addition to being mentally prepared to drive, you also need to keep your car in good condition when you hit the road. The more you drive around the more your tires will naturally wear down. Changing your own tire might sound intimidating but it is actually a lot easier than you might think.

Safely Pull Over

If you ever get a flat tire you can replace it with the temporary tire stored in your trunk. The best way to access this is to first safely pull over onto the side of the road and turn your car engine off. Suddenly braking or trying to move your car over quickly can be dangerous, which is why you should calmly turn your hazard lights on and move your car over. Look for a flat and level ground where you can put your vehicle in a parked position to reduce the chances of your car or spare tire rolling. Using wheel wedges will also help.

Remove the Hubcap

Your car may have a hubcap or wheel cover placed over the lug nuts. Carefully remove these using a lug wrench. After you have done this step you can begin to loosen the lug nuts. Be mindful not to actually remove the lug nuts until you are ready to remove the tire.

Position the Jack

The next step is to place the jack underneath the vehicle to help raise it. Your car manual should help you find the correct position for the jack so you can avoid damaging the car. This step will take a lot of pressure but you should never put any body part beneath the vehicle.

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