Summary: Your pillow could be the reason why you’re not getting good sleep.

Ensuring that you have a comfortable pillow to sleep on at night is as important as choosing the right mattress. With so many different options to choose from, you might be wondering what type of pillow will provide you with the right comfort.

Let’s Talk Sizing

The first part of buying new cushions is determining what size you’re going to get. For instance, if you own a twin bed, you’ll want to buy a standard pillow. For queen and king beds, you’ll want to purchase queen and king pillows respectively. You can always mix and match, but these are ideal for the mattress.

How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

Setting a budget for yourself will allow you to funnel out what you will and won’t purchase. Now, a cheap foam pillow might cost you as little as $5, but you tend to get what you pay for. In contrast, when you purchase cushions from The Foam Factory instead, you’ll likely be spending more but in return receive a comfortable product. If you’re not looking to spend a high amount, you can purchase two inexpensive ones and place them on top of each other for added support.

What Type of Sleeper Are You?

If you sleep on your side or stomach, you’ll want to provide a solid foundation for your neck. There are certain pillows that cater to these types of sleepers and it’s something worth looking into. Or, if you sleep on your back, you’ll ideally want something like a flat bed pillow. This is important because some homeowners tend to blindly purchase a product only to find out that it’s not to his or her liking. Make sure you read the labels beforehand so you fully understand what you’re getting.

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